Saturday, February 13, 2010

BRAC in Afghanistan

When I went to Uganda, my lifeline was a newly-returned Kiva fellow named Drew Kinder. He directed me to my first residence there as well as telling me about the organization BRAC - Bangladesh Rural Advancement Committee - a microfinance institution that does a great deal in the local communities where they work. It's a very impressive organization, doing the kind of thing that Yunus Mohammed does before he started doing it.

Drew and I have been in very sporadic contact since then, mostly on Facebook. Then today I got an email from him letting me know about his new blog, Drew Kinder in Asia.
The purpose of this blog is to trace my progress across Asia as I volunteer for BRAC (Bangladesh Rural Advancement Committee), a remarkable Non-Governmental Organization based in Bangladesh that is combatting poverty throughout the developing world. I have been asked to help write and edit the 2009 Annual Reports of BRAC Afghanistan, BRAC Sri Lanka, and BRAC Pakistan.

Pretty darn impressive, Drew!

I was especially drawn to his reports from Afghanistan. Like this entry about Community Health Workers.
“Nay, Nay, Nay” four burqa clad Community Health Workers exclaimed in unison when asked if they do it for the money. With faces hidden behind traditional hijabs, their passion was clear. “We do it for God”, said one. “When our people are free from disease, we are free from disease.”

Such a different picture of Afghanistan from what I am used to seeing. I encourage you to check it out!

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