Monday, February 22, 2010

best. prayer. ever.

Jenny, aka the Bloggess, was on a panel at a recent blogging conference with three Mormons (this is not the beginning of a joke).

Then as we were on stage they asked if we should do a prayer and normally this is when I’d be running away but they were so cool that I was all “HELL YES WE SHOULD DO A PRAYER” which is probably inappropriate wording but the spirit was there and so we huddled up but none of them wanted to lead the prayer so I was all “Dear God: Please let this panel be bad-ass and…um…I dunno…don’t let any babies fall down any wells?” and they all kind of looked at me and then said “Huh. Okay then. Amen.” Because how are you not going to say “amen” to a prayer for babies to not fall down wells? You can’t. It’s like a totally fail-proof prayer.

The rest of her remarkable adventures, including brandishing a broken bottle in the hotel bathroom, trying to convince housekeeping that she was not a porn star, and being crowned Czar of Martindale, Texas can be found here. Also? Baby zombie. And you wonder why I love her.

You'll also notice no babies (zombie or otherwise) have been reported falling down wells, so you know she's a prayer warrior. I'm trying to stay on her good side.


Lorin said...

More zombie stuff for your amusement:

TexasRed said...

Me too!!

LKT said...

TexasRed, I see you have the "Be nice, or I will stab you" badge on your blog. Words to live by, I say.

LKT said...


That link is excellent.