Thursday, February 11, 2010

World in Prayer, February 11

This was my week to write the World in Prayer prayers, and here they are:

God of Transfiguration, you call us not only to the mountaintops, but to the plains; not only to worship you, but to serve others. Help us in our worship to be not only transfigured but transformed that we may share the glory that is your love to the whole world.

We pray for those affected by winter weather: for people traveling the Salang Pass in Afghanistan, where an avalanche has killed over 150 people; and for Cheyenne River Sioux in the Dakotas where 30,000 people are snowed under and have gone without power for two weeks.

We pray for countries in political turmoil: for Somalia, where residents are fleeing the capital as insurgents have poured into Mogadishu with artillery and trucks; for Sri Lanka, where losing presidential candidate Gen Fonseka was arrested, sparking protests; for Greece, where thousands of civil servants went on strike after the government announced a plan to freeze wages; for Nigeria, where the Vice President has been named acting head of state ; and for Iran, where protests marking the anniversary of the revolution have been met by increased arrests.

We pray for leaders who seek to make people’s lives better: for the G7, which pledged to cancel Haiti’s debt, and for the International Monetary Fund as it considers doing the same; for the U.S. President and Congress as they plan a bi-partisan health care summit; and we give you thanks for Nelson Mandela and F.W. de Klerk as we remember the release of Nelson Mandela from prison 20 years ago.

We give you thanks for the celebrations in our lives and for things that give us joy: for the city of New Orleans that celebrated its resilience as well as its Super Bowl victory; for the Winter Olympics that allow nations as well as athletes to show forth their best efforts; and for the people we love and who love us.

We pray that we may be revealed to them and to you in all the glory you intend for us and all creation. Guide us into a holy Lent and give us your grace to serve you and our neighbor day by day. All this we ask through your son, your chosen one, Jesus the Christ. Amen.

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