Monday, February 8, 2010

Lord Peter Wimsey died

Does anybody else remember the Lord Peter Wimsey series on PBS with Ian Carmichael? I enjoyed those and thought he was well cast. I love this subhead:

Ian Carmichael, the comedy actor who has died aged 89, was once asked what he would do if he won £1 million. He said he would improve his wine cellar with a lot of "absolutely spiffing clarets".

Sounds like LPW to me. In a cross with Bertie Wooster whom he also played.


Anonymous said...

Carmichaels may come and Carmichaels may go - but Wimsey, like Holmes, will live forever! Having said which, I must admit that I will also now plan to observe a little moment of silence before I watch those PBS/Wimsey re-runs ... if not for Ian Carmichael in Clouds of Witness, I might never have discovered Dorothy Sayers. Thank you, Ian Carmichael.

qoe said...

I loved the Carmichael run at Wimsey. Sorry to hear he has left us. But I completely agree with Anon. I came to the books first, through my mom. But we were so excited when the series was brought to the small screen!

RIP Mr. Carmichael...

Anonymous said...

Yes, indeed. Ian's Lord Peter is whom I see in my head, whenever I read the books. I, too, came to them after the PBS "originals" - in my mind, the "other guy" playing him doesn't hold a candle to the cheery insouciance he did.
Lovely job! Wish it was on Netflix!