Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Stephen Huneck

For all that I read a lot of obits, I don't often find them sad. I was saddened, though, to read of the death of Stephen Huneck, the creator of the Dog Chapel in Vermont.

Sad because he shot himself. His wife says it was because "he had been despondent over having had to lay off most of the employees of his art business that week."

On the Dog Mountain home page, his wife writes:

Dear Stephen

It helps me to know that God's love envelopes you. God's love surrounds us all. Your love envelopes me. The love of everyone who knew you, dogs, people and a few cats send their love.

We all love you.

We all miss you.

We will remember you always.

Your Loving Wife,


I'm saying a prayer over this one.

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motheramelia said...

How very sad. I hadn't read this. May he rest in God's peace.