Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I'm a Stylish Blogger!

To my astonishment, I woke up this morning to find I'd been given a Stylish Blogger award from Buffy over at Situations Where You May Need It. Thank you so much! What a pick-me-up. Almost--almost--better than a milkshake. What a treat!

So now I get to pass the award on to three other bloggers--tough choice! But here we go:

1. Dirt Therapy Gorgeous photography, great garden advice, and delicious recipes--not that I've made the recipes, but they look mighty good.

2. Futility Closet Not a completely new blog for me, but newer than many. And the subtitle captures it all: an Idler's Miscellany of Curious Amusements. There's something for everyone here. Except maybe pop culture fans.

3. Dirty Sexy Ministry These women are smart, funny, and thoughtful. I love their slant on things.

Thanks again, Buffy! You've made my day.


Buffy said...

;0 You are so very welcome! And I'm right there with you about the milkshake. :)

Anonymous said...


revlauriebrock said...

Quite sexy! And thanks for ours!