Saturday, February 5, 2011

Garden update, February 5

"What have you been up to that you've been so busy this week?" my mom asked when she called last night. I'm trying to get the last little bit done on this food curriculum I'm writing so that I can spend the bulk of the weekend planting things.

Not done yet, however, because a friend of mine, despite knowing that I might have a little problem, lured me to a notorious gardening crack house in Petaluma. It's in what used to be a bank. Talk about a seedy neighborhood!

The so-called "friend" is hiding behind the stoplight, loitering with intent.

I might have gone a little crazy when I walked in.

"Kid in a candy store" might come to mind. If vegetable seeds were candy.

When we asked, the clerk told us they had 200 types of tomatoes. Two hundred! I kept myself to 2, but I needed that heirloom variety! I just NEEDED it!

I also got Iceberg Lettuce of all things, because I wanted to see if it was any different if you grow it yourself (I suspect the answer is yes); basil, slow bolt cilantro (here's hoping), Wonderberry, huckleberry, sweet peas, bachelor's buttons, Love-In-A-Mist (mostly for the name), gaillardia, cuphea, Mexican Torch Sunflower, and atomic red carrots. I'm not making that up.

So. I'm breaking out the cold frame and will be planting insane amounts of seeds.

I'll also be transplanting some dahlias. And I already put the five-spot nemophilia seeds in the bed beneath the magnolia, which I think will look bee-yu-ti-full together. And...and...and...let's just say there's lots to do. I'd better get moving.

Have a great weekend!


Buffy said...

very cool. wish I lived near you so I could learn gardening skills from you. :)

I'll be looking forward to more tomato pictures.

songs of a soul journey said...

I used to live right near there, up the hill above the park. That building started out as a bank, so it is appropriate that it has returned to that use, although the deposits and withdrawals hold the potential for green, as well as other colors!