Monday, February 7, 2011

Downright fishy

So the police in Kampala say that they have arrested the murderer of David Kato, and that he has confessed, and by a remarkable coincidence the reason he killed David was "the deceased coerced him into sodomy."

The Daily Monitor reports:

The suspect allegedly told the police he got tired of having sex with Kato but the latter would not have any of his excuses. “The suspect said he left the bedroom, went to a store and picked a hammer which he used to hit him [Kato] while he was still in bed,” the source said.

Very convenient. I for one don't believe it. Nor does The African Activist who takes us through the timeline. Meanwhile, GayUganda is enraged to find his words have been twisted or downright invented in order to smear David Kato's name and reputation.

Where's Sam Spade when you need him?

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