Thursday, February 10, 2011

Letters to Lillian, posted June 17, 1922 (part 3)

Introduction to Letters to Lillian

Part 1 and Part 2

Sampson Mine
June 16, 1922

Dear Lillian--Your most welcome letter arrived this afternoon. It is always pleasing to hear from you, so keep the pen in motion.

     I also recieved [sic] a letter from my sister. She is in Oakland now. She intends going to summer school at Corvallis. She sent her picture too. It is certainly a good likeness of her. She mentioned us too. She said the general idea was all right but said that we should wait a year or two until my position was well established, and I had a little capital. I believe that she has the right idea, but I don't like to wait. I also recieved a second notice about a certain overdue book.

     I am sending some pictures to the Camera Shop in Berkeley, but I am having them mailed back to me so as not to trouble you with them. I will send you copies of them, telling you what they are about, that is if they are good.

     In this camp we use boxes a good deal for furniture. The one I was sitting on just let me down. But I can still find room enough to sit.

     Well if I don't close I will get left again. So

          Good bye for this time.

               Your Jim

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