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Letters to Lillian, June 25, 1922

Sampson Mine
Llanada Calif.
June 25, 1922

Dear Lillian.--I suppose that you are feeling greatly refreshed after your vacation. My vacation is progressing fine.

      My radio outfit has arrived. I went to the post office for it Wednesday. The post office is 26 miles one way and a little further coming back. There was a drum of gasoline belonging to the company in the vicinity of the post office so I asked permission to take the company flivver and Dutch Larios and go after it. While we were down, I straightened out some orders, getting my meat and eggs right. This commissary job keeps me guessing. Last week we were out of meat and eggs. This week we are out of flour and lard. The week before last we were out of potatoes. My main trouble has been the length of time necessary to get supplies. My first grocery orders came in today.

     I spoke of the radio. I thought that I was ready to recieve, but I find that I will have to finish my tuner first. I worked on it some today and will get it in running order tomorrow.

     Today was hot. Just after breakfast it was 86, at 10AM 95, at noon 104. I went swimming about 3 P.M. and about that time some clouds obscured the sun. The water was just right for comfort. At 7 PM it was 91. I was up early enough this morning. I rolled out at 5.30. I generally get up around 5:30 to six AM. This morning I was working on my radio and getting along fine when a truck driver came in with a 5 ton truckload of supplies, including the road camp. We have daily mail now via Mendota but I recommend sending my mail via Llanada as at present.

     I am sending some pictures as you will notice. [I'll post these soon.] The method of locating points is original.

     Yesterday I went up to the tramway terminal to see it work. Blackie was operating the lower end. I told him that I would as soon as not do it. So he let me. After about an hour and a quarter of successful operation I lost a bucket. After dinner I went to look for it. Blackie found it today. The bucket is about 2 1/2 X 3 X 4 feet and has a large hanger on it. The entire affair weighs about 1000 pounds. Blackie did not carry it in. In addition to losing the bucket we mixed things up generally. I say we, because there is a man on each end, the tramway being about a mile long. It operates by gravity, the loaded buckets going down pulling the empties up.

     Last night I received my second pay check. It pays for my radio and glasses with 22.10 to spare. In addition it is $7.50 short. In other words the increase that I was to get for my store work did not appear. I will get that straightened out when I see Mr. Haycraft again. Apparently I will have no difficulty in getting off to come down. My friend Miss Haycraft said that she would talk her dad into taking me one way. She is some girl. I hope to see her again soon.

     I am sending my negatives in for some reprints, The Camera Shop in Berkeley doing my work. My studio portraits have not arrived but when they do I will send some.

     I have to write another letter so I will have to close. I hope that you have located and returned that Library book or I will have the Berkeley cops on my neck.

Three fellows have quit and one was fired.

Dennis was fired, Gus Dennis quit, Dutch Larios quit and Adolph Holmes quit.

     Well as I said before I must quit. So write soon to your

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