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Letter to Lillian, posted June 22, 1922

Introduction to Letters to Lillian

Sampson Mine
Llanada Calif.
June 21, 1922.

Dear Lillian—Although by rights you are not entitled to a letter, I am writing anyway.

     I have not been very busy with laboratory work, but I have not been idle. As I mentioned before, Mr. Haycraft came down Sunday. The girls were in the laboratory for a while on Monday and again yesterday. This morning they were also around. They left about 10 AM today so I can have a little more time. Last night I went over to the house and they made candy. I came home very late, 10:30 being the hour. That is the latest I have been up for some time, in fact since I left Berkeley.

     Monday I recieved a notice from the Post Office that my radio had arrived. Blackie and Dennis went to Hollister Monday, so I asked Dennis to get it for me. [Link takes you to a map showing the route from Llanada to Hollister.] He will be back today and I expect to have the outfit working tonight as I have everything ready to connect up the instruments and tune in.

     I have to stop now to make a filtration but will return.

Same day—later, I finished my analytical work and reported some good magnesite. Then I did some pick and shovel work at the boss’s house and by that time I had some customers at the store. Then chow, and now.

     The boss is going down with the mail soon so I will not be able to write long.

     Blackie and Dennis have not returned yet so I have not the radio.

     This morning I found a mouse’s nest in the laboratory furnace. I chased the mouse out, the Haycraft girls assisting, before I fired up. The girls, by the way, are from Berkeley. I showed them my pictures to see if they knew anyone I knew. They were acquainted with Bessie Bailar, having met her at school. They both attend the Willard School. They know a college fellow that I know too.

     Well, the boss appears to be ready to go so I must close.

     Your      Jim.

[Card enclosed]

We would remind you that the book noted below, taken on your card, is overdue.

Per     FW

630     Un35     U.S. Dept. of Agriculture.  Farmers' Bulletins.

[handwritten] This is the book I left at your place.  JBC

Second Notice.

[Enclosed with letter; text below]

June 16, 1922

Mr. James B. Campbell
2312 College Ave.,
Berkeley, California.

Dear Sir:
          According to the records of the Library, the book listed below is charged to you and is long overdue. Two postal notices have already been sent to you from the Loan Desk, to which we have had no reply. I assume that there is some misunderstanding of the matter on your part, but must ask that you give it your prompt attention on receipt of this letter.
Very truly yours,
C.B. Joeckel
630 Un35 Nos. 401-425
U.S. Dept. of Agriculture. Farmers’ Bulletin

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