Thursday, February 3, 2011

Letters to Lillian, posted June 17, 1922 (pt. 2)

Introduction to Letters to Lillian

Part 1

Next day—same week.

I might as well drop a line to fill up another page.

     This morning I took stock in the store. I am scheduled to take stock in the warehouse this afternoon. Just before dinner it was 93 on the porch, and just after dinner 99 in the tent. The laboratory water supply was 104 degrees before dinner so I put some clothes to soak.

     I wound a while on the coil for my wireless this morning. The first coil is nearly wound, the second requires about two hours work to wind and the third is not started. Two coils will do for the present.

     The food question still has me guessing, but I have most of the supplies figured out. When I get a big crowd here, I will have to figure pretty closely to keep enough supplies on hand. One of the cook’s hens has the right idea. I broke an egg the other day, so the little hen came into the supply house and laid another. Today it laid still another. If she keeps up I will be ahead on my account.

     Well it’s 1.30 so I must get to work.

Your      Jim B.

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