Tuesday, February 22, 2011


What an exciting day! First I get a Stylish Blogger award, and the the curriculum I've been working on has its official launch! Whoo hoo!

As you see to the right, there, it's called Eat, Pray, Grow: Exploring the connections between food, faith and justice, and it's being produced by Every Voice Net who created the Via Media program. And I'm mighty pleased.

Here's the scoop:

Eat, Pray, Grow is a multi-media and multi-sensory curriculum designed to help you and your congregation consider the ways in which their experience of food shapes their lives and what steps they might take to more fully recognize food as a gift from God.

Each session begins with a meal, exploring different aspects of the ways food is prepared and experienced from pre-packaged food to kosher dishes. Session coordinators are provided with a PowerPoint presentation and a guideline to assist them in leading lecture and discussion as the meal draws to a close. Session 1 helps the congregation discover what food means in their faith community; Session 2 is a brief history of food; Session 3 discusses food in the Bible; and Session 4 explores food in your local community.

The final session, provided by The Hoop Fund is a dinner kit which contains the basic ingredients to feed 25 people using sustainable products from Alter Eco farms as well as instructions on making the meal and questions for discussion.

If your church is looking for a Lenten program, you might want to check it out. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Man, is this a satisfying feeling! It's like giving birth without worrying about future tuition fees. Or dirty diapers. Frankly, it's better than giving birth all around. Time to celebrate!


songs of a soul journey said...

Very cool! Wherever 2 or 3 are gathered, there is sure to be FOOD! :-)


revlauriebrock said...

Hey! This sounds amazing, like some real dirty ministry combined with a meal. So, how do the Dirty Sexy Ministry priests go about getting on board and blogging about this amazing experience in Christian formation?

LKT said...

Link to find out more (and potentially purchase the program) is here:


Fr. Gawain said...

this looks awesome!

Buffy said...

very cool.

Anonymous said...

just sent the link to my rector and hope we can have this at our church sometime soon!

LKT said...

I'm dying to see how this works in real life.