Friday, June 10, 2011

Various and Sundry

Yet another week in which I let other bloggers and writers and artists do the heavy lifting. I'm glad to be busy, but sorry not to have the time to blather on with you.

Let's start with the obit section, shall we? There were a number of good ones this week, but the obit for Albertina Sisulu stands out for her valiance in the struggle against apartheid. Here's the line that killed me:

“I did not mind going to jail myself, and I had to learn to cope without Walter [her husband, who was imprisoned for 26 years],” Mrs. Sisulu once said. “But when my children went to jail, I felt that the Boers were breaking me at the knees.”

The obit ends: "Her daughter Lindiwe Sisulu is the nation’s defense minister. Her son Max is speaker of the National Assembly. Another daughter, Beryl Sisulu, is South Africa’s ambassador to Norway. She is also survived by her son Zwelakhe Sisulu and daughter Nkuli Sisulu."
Gee, thanks, Dad.

I loved this story about the dad who embarrassed his high school age son by donning costumes and waving at the bus as it passed by every day. Did I mention, every day? Wearing a different costume? It inspired me enough to write a post for the Confirm not Conform blog about how this relates to youth ministry. I love how the Wave at the Bus blog with pictures of all the costumes has a donate button for the son's college/therapy fund.

I thought this article on 10 common mistakes made by non-profits in social media was spot-on...and that they apply equally to churches (with the possible exception of #3). And for churches, I would change #7 to "Ignoring Yelp and other user-generated review sites."

Finally, two visuals. I loved, loved, loved this list of Sexual Assault Prevention Tips:

And I also loved, loved, super-loved this ad from the Alamo Drafthouse. Really, it will make you happy. (h/t Andrew Sullivan)

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