Saturday, June 18, 2011

Curb Appeal on a block I know

Friends of mine recently had their house re-done by the good folks at Sex Curb Appeal: The Block and very kindly invited me to the wrap party. Let's start with this, shall we?
Sally H., the ridiculously handsome John Gidding, and me, looking goofy

I will not subject you to the huge number of photos I took. Let's just say I didn't see a bad angle on the man.  At one point, I was talking to my friend Heather, who is the homeowner, and said, "He's even better looking in person." She said, "You realize I'm still miked, don't you?" So I leaned over and said loudly, "He's even better looking in person." Probably why he's leaning away from me in the photo as he mutters to Sally through his teeth, "Save me..."

Aside from gazing at John Gidding the wrap party, which was a blast, it was great watching the process day by day as Heather posted the work in progress. I won't go through them all, but I would like to share the before:
and after:

Fantastic! And couldn't have happened to nicer people.

BTW, if you're in the SF Bay Area and want to have one of these makeovers, you can apply for one!


Heather said...

Seriously, the longer I look at the before & after shots, the more I think "Good grief, our house really DID look for crap!" I find myself even more thankful that the CATB folks came out & saved us. :)

Nancy Davis Kho said...

So when my friends were on this show, the wife ended up developing a huge crush on Giddings despite the skepticism of all her friends who were convinced he is gay. At the big reveal party I was chatting with him and he immediatly identified my (obscure) perfume which I took as proof since no straight man is THAT good. So I ran up to my friend and shouted, "HE IS TOO GAY" not realizing she was still miked.


Gay or not, he's fine.

LKT said...

That is hilarious.