Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Garden Update, June 1--The backyard

A quick update on the backyard where there is LOTS to be done! But let's start with something magnificent:

This is the rose arbor. Yup, that's a rose. You can see the last of the pink blooms on it. Isn't that amazing? Probably 100 years old, that rose, and we're doing our best to keep it happy.

In the arbor itself, you can see a pot. I'm tapping my toes impatiently waiting for the various dianthus (dianthii?) to bloom, so I'm not going to bother with a photo of it until it gets its act together. That will give it some incentive, I hope.

To the right of the arbor:

This rose was just a scrawny little stick when I transplanted it here for no particular reason a couple of years ago. My goodness, it seems to be settled in! I love how it hooked itself into the trellis. Guess I won't be moving it now. And by a small miracle, it works well with the Chinese lantern blooming orange behind it, and the African daisies in front. This has been the "Well, I'll just stick it over here" section for a while. Now that the avocado and banana trees are out (remember them?), this area gets a ton of sun! It will require some thought. In the meantime, we're thinking to put some pumpkins in this section to the right of the rose, just for this year, to get the ground in shape.

Alongside the house:

Let's just say there's potential, there.

The lettuces in the raised beds are coming along, though.

There's also a couple of rows of radishes you can see hiding back there, and carrots in another planter. In the pot behind is an orange tree which is not looking so hot. I need to figure out how to help the three potted citrus trees that are struggling along (two oranges, one lime).

This bare patch:

is where I finally planted some corn last weekend. It took me forever to get the seeds in because this bed had rocks by the bucketful. I had to dig them out, then add compost and amender, then top it with topsoil. So we'll see how this does. It's still pretty rocky in there, but I'm hopeful.

And finally, the apple tree that looked so denuded after its trimming:

is now a picture-book image of an apple tree with fruit all over.

Lots more to come. I'm loving the rain, but hope we get some heat soon. I hear you East Coasters scoffing at me. Yeah, well it's cold for California!

Happy June to you all!


it's margaret said...

That is the biggest mo-fo ROSE I've EVER seen! Holy tamales!!!!!!! Perhaps the Ninth Wonder of the World!!!! Do you still get thorns off that "trunk" ???

wv: tergal
short for terra-gal --slang for earth woman --which is what you are with your garden.

LKT said...

It's incredible, isn't it? Up till now it's been overshadowed by crazy huge shrubs or persimmon trees or banana leaves or overgrown apple trees. This year, it's becoming the focal point it ought to be.

I should have taken a better pic when it was in full bloom. Next year...