Friday, June 17, 2011

Prayers for blogging friends

I have a couple of blogger friends much in my thoughts and prayers these days and wanted to pass their news on to you.

It's Margaret, who comments here regularly and blogs at Leave It Lay Where Jesus Flang It (isn't that an awesome name?), is on sabbatical in Guatemala. She's been posting about her experiences at Camino Segura, an organization that works with the children who live and work in the dump in Guatemala City. What she writes about her first-hand experience there is...I'm not sure what. Revelatory? Chilling? If it has this much impact second-hand, I can only guess how it's affecting Margaret, being there in person.

Meanwhile, Kirstin over at Barefoot and Laughing has kept us all informed about her ongoing fight against cancer. It seems only a few weeks ago when we first heard about the lesion behind one ear, but she's far, far from that place now. Yesterday, she wrote

I’ve been fighting for three years. That’s enough. Just saying, “I want hospice,” gives me so much peace. I don’t need to fight to the bitter end. I don’t need to be a warrior anymore. I can let go as my body wants to, into as much comfort as possible.

I'm praying for immense comfort.

Finally, I learned yesterday that the Anglican Scotist, a blogger I never met personally but greatly admired, died suddenly a couple of days ago from a brain aneurism. He was just my age, 42. Services will be held tomorrow.

My prayers are with all of these folks and their loved ones. May they find abundant blessings and peace forevermore.

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