Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Sarah Palin training

I'm giving in to my baser nature and writing a post on Sarah Palin. Actually, it's more on the "lamestream media" because I can't STAND how they are reacting to this situation.

They are chasing the puppy! As I recently learned, when you're training a puppy and the puppy runs away from you, if you chase the puppy, the puppy thinks this is a fabulous game and keeps running. If you want the puppy to come to you, you have to walk away from the puppy.

Let her ride on the back of a motorcycle. Let her travel in her tricked out bus. Do not send your top reporters, CNN, for God's sake! Do not have John King tracking her down. Suggest--heck, maybe even believe you have bigger news to cover. Give her 30 seconds at the end of your broadcasts as if she were some novelty spectacle. Let people tweet her location to you and pick a few of the best ones. Do NOT waste your resources on this! You're just making yourselves look ridiculous.

OK, I'm done now.

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