Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sunday Funnies

Here's one of the reviews for Anybody Can Be Cool at Amazon:

Coolness always came easily to me. Whether over a game of cribbage with my pals, or a shared float at the malt shop, I really emanated a significant amount of "cool"...I'm not going to lie. People would be heard to remark "Mike, you are cool". This wasn't just once or twice.

This all changed the day I met Chet out by the bleachers...

There he was, on that brisk autumn afternoon, his feathered blondness in stunning contrast to the fallen leaves. He was reading a passage from the Book of Ezekiel to his friends Chin-qui, Ugabe, Svetlana and Rosa. How emphatically and with what enthusiasm did he read! After finishing, there was a marked minute of silence, followed by " are AWESOME!".

My world came crashing down. I had always thought "cool" was the highest adjective one could aspire to. How could I compete with "awesome"?

I must have said that last part out loud, because Chet handed me the book I'm currently reviewing, which for some reason had the exact same scene I was looking at one the cover, and said "Mike, you don't need to compete with can BECOME awesome! But it'll take practice".

And practice I did. Through diligent commitment and daily sacrifice, I now too am able to attract groups of visible minorities whenever I read from the bible on the schoolyard.

If you are evil like me, you will want to read all the reviews.

h/t Jan at A Church for Starving Artists

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