Thursday, July 29, 2010

When spellcheck attacks

From a friend's Facebook status update this morning:

R. finds it amazing that once you figure out what you're actually trying to say your sermon goes from way too short to way too long.

P. Ran into that this week to. 4 pages of exegetical work on the verses oh the great commission. Could have made it longer! Since it is meningitis prayer this Sunday... Better keep it short I guess!

R.: Meningitis prayer? Sorry, like I said before, different prayer book up here. I assume this is a certain collect?

P.: Wow. Thanks auto correct spelling! Morning prayer is what I meant!

An Episcopalian practicing his meningitis prayer.

Don't let them take away your words! And, really, is "meningitis" more commonly used than "morning"? I ask you. Don't let this tyranny go unchecked. Or checked. Or something.

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