Friday, July 2, 2010

Garden update, July 2

There's so much going on! I'll try to restrain myself.

Let's start with the corn.

"Knee high by the fourth of July" is for wimps.

The other produce is doing really well too.
I took this a couple of weeks ago.  I've started a new round of carrots and will need a new set of beans too.  Not going to get in any more snow peas, however, as the local wildlife likes to eat them.  Or so Andy, the vegeholic dog, claims.

 "There was a rabbit in there a minute ago!  I swear!"
"And I'm not a vegeholic; I'm a vegephile."

I am waiting impatiently for the cherry tomatoes to ripen.  They look sooo good.

Little tomatoes everywhere!

In non-produce news, the hydrangeas are threatening to eat the house.
And the backyard is coming along as pavers and sand are being carted away a bit at a time free of charge by people who want them.  Craigslist is a wonderful thing.

Did I mention the pear tree?

I'm stopping now.  Lots of work to do this 4th of July weekend, but, man, is it satisfying! 

I hope you have a terrific weekend wherever you are.


it's margaret said...

Good !!!!!! Looks wonderful! (We ate our first tomato today --UMMMM!)

LKT said...

Oh, man, I can hardly wait. But I really can't complain, given the green beans and such.