Saturday, July 24, 2010

Garden update, July 24

Mid-summer, and the flowers are going crazy! I'm going to try to limit myself, but it will be hard to tell, given the number of pictures I took this morning.

The bed along the front fence is finally all planted, though it needs to fill in some.
I think it's going to look terrific once things reach their full growth.

I'm anxiously waiting for this rudbeckia to bloom. It's been working on it for several days now. C'mon, baby! Don't be shy!

I'm super pleased about this next flower, another discovery at Annie's Annuals. It's called Antirrhinum Majus, or Chantilly Peach, and is from the snapdragon family, but doesn't have that snappy motion. Instead, it has these gorgeous little peach-colored flowers that fade into a beautiful butter yellow. I love this thing!

Meanwhile, over on the side fence, things are working according to plan. The plan was to have sweet peas growing on the outside of the fence and to have dwarf (or at least not giant) sunflowers peeking over them. So far, so good, but I need more of everything! I've got some more sweet peas started, but it will take a while.

And on the other fence, the tomato jungle is beginning to ripen.

I really need to stake these guys today.

And there may be an ear or two of corn soon.

Finally, in front, the hollyhocks are coming on strong. They look like satellite dishes, don't they? This is the flower that gets the most comments from people walking by saying, "What is that amazing flower?" I am happy to enlighten them.

The beds in the back are looking good, too. I especially love the black eyed Susans. They're going crazy!

I've had to put cages over some of the plants, though; otherwise they'll be flattened by the apples. What I should be doing is picking the apples!

Lots to do, but it's coming along. And I'm so glad to get to enjoy each bit as it develops. For me that's the best thing about the garden; the process is as satisfying as the result.


Suem said...

Wonderful photos, fantastic flowers and the tomatoes look great! I absolutely love that chantilly peach flower - and the name just makes it even better!

melanie big said...

The flowers are gorgeous! I love your tomatoes. My apples are falling also from the tree and it usually flattened my new basil plants. Thanks for giving me an idea on caging them.