Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Posts from GayUganda

A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned the blog GayUganda. The last couple of days he has had some particularly powerful posts I wanted to bring to your attention.

First was his Conversation with a Ugandan Legislator. One email he got from the MP began, "Hey Gay Pervert." Isn't that lovely?

And then, very movingly, he writes an entry titled Don't blame yourself.

When this bill becomes law. Even as harsh as it is. Don't blame yourself. [snip] I know, there are some who will claim that the fierce, horrified opposition from the rest of the world made this bill pass. No. It didn’t. It will not pass because Ugandans have a knee jerk reaction to ‘political interferance’. It will not pass because Ugandans are having this need to appear very good. And, it will not pass because Ugandans have a highly developed sense of morality. [snip]

It will pass because our government wanted it to pass. It will pass because our President wanted this bill to become law.

And, it is going to pass, because our people believe in their right to persecute homosexuals.

That is the plain sense of it.

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