Monday, December 14, 2009

I'll be undead for Christmas

I know what you've been saying to yourself. You've been saying, "I haven't heard much about zombies lately on the Infusion. I wish she would tell us what's new in the world of zombification." Well, your wish is my command as two things have recently come to my attention.

First, naturally, you need a book of zombie Christmas Carols. The website includes recipes such as mincemeat brain pie--yum! And the carols include "I saw mommy chewing Santa Claus," "Have yourself a Medulla Oblagata," and, of course, "Slay Ride."

And then for the special someone in your life, you can commission a custom portrait depicting you or someone you love as a zombie. From the website: "By simply providing a clear headshot, you can stop wondering what you'd look like as an animated corpse on a hunger crazed killing spree!" Doesn't that sound lovely? And there are lots of other zombie products for your holiday gift-giving needs.

h/t (you might have guessed this) to The Bloggess for pointing this out and answering other gift-giving questions.

extra h/t to commenter qoe for directing me to this song from the Kingston Trio!


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