Thursday, December 10, 2009

Good for you, Rick Warren

"The potential law before your parliament is unjust, it's extreme and it's unChristian towards homosexuals."


it's margaret said...

finally. jerkwad.

Anonymous said...

Really? Jerkwad? This is how we respond to people who do what we hope they will do?

We have no idea what sort of negotiations or discussions have been going on behind the scenes; we have no idea how Rick Warren might have been using his influence to generate the outcome we all want. And yet over and over again people who decry judging and condemning others are quick to do it themselves. What a great way to build bridges; what a great way to encourage Warren (or anyone else) to speak up again.

Really, can't we be glad he spoke? Can't we be glad he joined the cause? As I recall, the laborers who arrived in the last hour were as welcome as those who arrived in the first.

In stopping this horrible law, I'm delighted to welcome anyone, at any time, who can do something to stop it.

Thanks, Rick. I, for one, am glad you've joined us in the fight.

LKT said...

For future reference (my own as much as anyone else's), no name-calling.