Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Organized religion

So there I was, checking out the NY Times online this morning, and I looked over at the "Most Emailed" and saw (ranked #5) the headline, New Pipe Organ Sounds Echo of Age of Bach. Though I like the organ, I might have thought nothing of it had I not noticed the subhead, beginning, "In upstate New York..."

Could it be? I thought, and clicked on the link. Dateline: Rochester. Yes, it was! The organ in my home parish, Christ Church, downtown!

The article is interesting, and it's very fun to see names and places I know well, but there's a good chunk left out of the story. The negotiations began long before the events the story relates.

One part I'd like to point out: there had been plans in the works for some time to build an organ at Christ Church, but they fell through. The reason? As I understand it, the Eastman School wanted to require Christ Church to stop its feeding program, A Meal & More. Even though it meant passing up an amazing new organ, that was a deal breaker for the parish.

Instead, they held out until both sides came to a mutually agreeable position--and kudos to them all. To Eastman, for its wonderful organ, and to Christ Church, for understanding the primary function of a church.


jan toepfer said...

I remember that situation. I was so impressed that Christ Church stayed true to it's values. And, they now have an organ which is drop dead gorgeous!!! Mom

it's margaret said...

The Wednesday Bible Study had a huge article out and were reading all about this and exclaiming to each other how wonderful the whole thing was!

motheramelia said...

That's the way true negotiqtions should go.