Friday, December 4, 2009

Statement from the Presiding Bishop and others

Hello from the library where I get free wireless internet access since there still isn't any at home.

The news today--well, one piece of news, anyway--is that the Presiding Bishop has issued a statement regarding the proposed Anti-Homosexuality bill in Uganda. I was glad to see it.

It was a fascinating statement, in my opinion. Very well thought out. I appreciated that it wasn't a simple, "We are right, you are wrong," kind of a thing. Instead she (saying "we" on behalf of Americans) "note[d] the distance our own culture still needs to travel in removing discriminatory practice from social interactions, yet we have also seen how changed hearts and minds have followed legal sanctions on discriminatory behavior."

I also loved--LOVED--that she turned the tables on colonialism by apologizing for the colonialist behavior of Americans that encouraged the Ugandan government to propose this legislation. Very nice.

Still nothing from the Archbishop of Canterbury, who says he's working behind the scenes, as well he might be. But it does seem strange to say, "I'm not saying anything because I'm working behind the scenes, don't you know [wink, wink]".

But one person with a great deal more to lose than the Archbishop has spoken up loud and clear, and that's The Rev. Canon Gideon Byamugisha, a priest in Uganda. I am impressed by his courage.

Please continue to keep Uganda in your prayers.

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it's margaret said...

I was very impressed with the Canon's statement too --and he has a lot to lose.... it would seem.