Thursday, May 17, 2007

More pettiness

The reason I was feeling especially overwhelmed and humbled by another more insightful blog is because the thing that prompted me to want to post this morning was an invitation I got in the mail that I thought was silly in the extreme and raised my hackles du snark.

I was invited (because I am special) to attend a celebration of ministry for the co-rectors of St. Gregory of Nyssa parish in San Francisco. Well and good. I thought, sure, I could go congratulate them on their 30 years of ministry and their respective retirements. But, silly me, no! This was not a party; this is a fleecing.

I could buy
*An individual ticket (limited availability) for $150
*A supporter ticket for $250
(now we start getting into guffawable language)
*Lady Godiva's Horse (I'm not making this up) -- an event sponsor -- for $5,500 and over
* Francis' Wolf (table sponsor-10 seats) $5,000
* Sadi's Persian Tiger (!) (table sponsor, another 10 seats) for $2,500
*Seraphim's Bear (premium seating for one) for $500.

The proceeds from the event will be used to complete the Dancing Saints Icon, which is mighty beautiful, and it will be good to see it completed. But "Lady Godiva's Horse"? I'm afraid it sounds like a joke.

That had better be an awfully good dinner.

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