Saturday, May 12, 2007


Must...stop...reading...Anglican blogs....

It's incredible how many there are, and how they all quote one another. Fr. Jake quotes the Mad Priest, both of whom I found thanks to whose cartoon was on Telling-Secrets, and on and on. But they're all so damn clever and interesting that I'm completely hooked. Anglican Scotist is particularly good, as is Titus One Ten (that's as opposed to Titus One Nine), but I can see how this will go. I'll read them all obsessively all the time, forwarding things on to Episcopal friends, and then all the commentary will curdle in my brain and I will become embittered and cynical and need to enter a blog rehab center where I won't have access to the web. Or I'll be out on the street, begging passersby for "just one Mad Priest entry! Just one!" It's truly depressing.

I have noticed that a level of snarkiness does help keep blogs entertaining, snarkiness being the bastard child of edge and a sense of humor, it seems. Sincerity doesn't seem to go over well in the blogosphere, at least not from what I've seen (which is too bad since many Morning Prayer addicts have spent a good month basking in the hope of "the unleavened bread of sincerity and truth." Let's hope for truth, anyway).

I'm very worried now at my level of earnestness. And can I just say that if NO ONE is reading this, that's fine with me. Thank you for not stopping by. I'm suitably self-conscious about my opinions and expressing them publicly, not that that means I'm going to stop.

Another recently developed addiction: Veronica Mars. It's the public library's fault. They had season 1 on DVD, and I thought I'd get one--ONE--DVD just to see what it's like, and I've become a hopeless case. What's worse is the library doesn't have seasons two or three; nor does my local video store. Here's hoping NetFlix will come to my aid, but maybe it's just as well if there's no more supply.

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qoe said...

Earnestness is nothing to worry over... it is a quality to be revered, and becomes you. Fret not thyself over the blogorama... There are more important things to consider... like the lilies of the field...