Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Great obit, great hat!

How I did love the obituary on Isabella Blow: "British fashionista, style icon"!

They got me with the lead: "Isabella Blow, the flamboyant British fashion editor who championed rising design talents Alexander McQueen and John Galliano while creating her own memorable look from metal corsets, one-legged pantsuits, antler headdresses and other novelties, has died." And they sealed the deal with these two sentences: "She also held consulting jobs with various companies including Swarovski, which is best known for its small crystal animals. For one of her first meetings with company executives, Ms. Blow wore a crystal-encrusted lobster hat to suggest new possibilities."

Crystal-encrusted lobster hat! What more do you need in life?

She was 48, was Isabella, suffering from cancer and severe depression. May there be crystal beads wherever you go, you fashionista, you.

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