Thursday, May 17, 2007

Blog envy

Sigh! Finished reading Preludium this morning and was overwhelmed with a sense of a) ineffectualness; b) intellectual poverty; and c) general green-eyed envy. It's such a chewy blog with deep things to think about it makes me feel like a total toad. Why don't I have a brilliant blog with lots of deep thoughts and insightful analysis? Could it be that I'm not deep, thoughtful, or insightful? The likelihood seems frighteningly high.

Although the random off-the-cuffness of my areas of interest don't help. It seems to me that having a specific area of focus aids in a blog's coherence and general pithiness, rather than random thoughts. PeaceBang also has that--I mean, how more specific can you get than fashion tips for ministers. They both have very clear spotlights; I'm kind of shining a flashlight around in the middle of the wilderness.

I could play the game of "keeping up with the bloggers," I suppose, but I think I'm just going to aim for humility, and there's nothing more humbling than writing for no one specifically about nothing in particular, hoping that no one will notice.

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