Friday, August 29, 2008

The "What Do I Know" report on Sarah Palin

Which is, just as my prior entry, more a comment on John McCain than on Sarah Palin who sounds to me like she's doing a fine job as governor of Alaska. But what it immediately said to me is that John McCain wants Hillary's voters and figures that putting a woman in the #2 slot will help him get them. It feels a bit patronizing. I'll be curious to see how she does, catapulted onto the big stage like this. I don't envy her a jot, is all I have to say.

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qoe said...

The Republicans are either trying to (1) throw the election, so that they will have 4 years to regroup, while the Democrats have the whole "mission accomplished!" foreign policy mess foisted on them or (2) they are making one last pass at the ultra conservative, so-called "moral majority", and, yes, grab Hillary voters, if at all possible while doing so. But, what the R party does not realize is that it has disenfranchised some segment of the very evangelicals that were so rah-rah 8 years ago... some of whom have changed party affiliation. What are the issues that have made this possible? Environmental issues, for one. Additionally, the runaway war chest that has deprived many of the entitlement and subsidy programs that had been traditionally seen as a "God given right" in the heartland. So, will the Republican ticket be able to stem the tidal wave of ethnic/minority and disenfranchised Republican votes? This remains to be seen. But I really doubt it. As to "what do I know" about Sarah Palin, her presence does nothing to change the public perception that McCain is a total doofus. (Which is why I tend to subscribe to the notion that the R party is trying to throw the election... But then, what do I know?)