Saturday, August 9, 2008

News from St. Dorothy's Rest

For any of you who don't know, St. Dorothy's Rest is an Episcopal retreat center and summer camp just north of the SF Bay Area. It's a relatively small camp in the middle of the redwoods. I had the good fortune to be the chaplain there one week a couple of years ago and am panting for the chance to go back.

Katie Evenbeck, camp director extraordinaire, sent out a message to those of us who are members of St. Dorothy's Rest Four Leaf Clover Club on Facebook and I asked if I could pass the news along. Here it is:

Dear Friends,

Summer camp season is about to come to a close. We have had an amazing summer, serving over 400 youth.

Very recently, adjacent properties to St. Dorothy's Rest have been put on the market. I do believe that acquiring the properties is essential to the life, protection & growth of St. Dorothy's Rest.

I am casting a wide net during this exciting time for St. Dorothy's Rest and your voice is needed. I especially need a few volunteers who would be willing to focus some time & energy on this project.

I think Rev. Donald Schell says it best,

"It would be an amazing and wonderful gift to many generations to have the additional land, wilderness/more primitive camping, outdoor education, places counselors could take smaller groups of kids to be outdoors in quiet, so many possibilities. Because the big parcel essentially borders the whole of Camp Meeker, it looks to me to imply a different kind of stewardship of the forest. I say that believing it's a huge opportunity and wholly in keeping with our mission at St. Dorothy's and with our Christian responsibility for God's good creation."

Parcel # Price # Acres Location
075-070-003 $275,000 15.22 Path around Lydia

075-040-015 $275,000 18.68 Behind Topside, Farmer & Grace

075-040-017 $899,000 230.38 Behind the second parcel for sale. Includes land surrounding the RESERVOIR!!!!!

075-070-005 $350,000 27.74 Surrounds Boys House

I look forward to hearing from you soon.
Katie Evenbeck
Executive Director of Expanding Horizons


Very exciting news! Any volunteers out there?

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Anonymous said...

I purchased a small parcel by the path 2 years ago and have been preserving it to homestead making it a beautiful parcel for the future of my family