Thursday, August 28, 2008

A no-drill liberal

For some reason, I got an email this evening from the National Republican Senatorial Committee, which was especially odd since I also got two emails this evening from I don't think they share the same mailing list.

Here's most of it [with commentary]:

Our nation stands on the brink of taking a disastrous turn to the left.[brink makes it negative; cusp would be the positive form of the word. Why is that?]

If you don't believe me, here's what the Democrats' leader in the Senate had to say about destroying our firewall in the Senate:[firewall also an interesting choice of words; apparently, anything that is less than adamant and fortified is going to be destroyed.]

"This campaign is going to make history. Not only will we put Barack Obama and his running mate, Joe Biden, into the White House, but we're going to elect a filibuster-proof Senate majority that can and will pass the Democratic agenda.[If your goal is to keep up the Republican agenda, it makes sense that this is a terrifying proposition.]

"This is the once-in-a-generation chance we've been waiting for."

Every liberal special interest group from to Big Labor [I've never heard it called "Big" before; makes me aware of my own standard rhetoric, ie "big business"] to radical anti-drilling environmentalists [oh, heavens, not those!] are laying it all on the line in 2008 with one goal in mind: to seize total control of our government. [seize? I mean they do understand how control of government is "seized," right? It's through getting more of the popular vote. Meaning more people like what the other guy is going to do.]

Will you help stop them? ["Them" being radical anti-drilling environmentalists, et al. Got to make "them" sound scary and irrational.]

If the Democrats get their way, we will be powerless to stop the far-left's pet agenda [oh, where to start. How about here: Health care issues are not exactly a "far-left" agenda]. And, Big Labor, anti-drilling environmentalists and will be rewarded for spending hundreds of millions to attack Republican Senate candidates.

We need your help to stop Barack Obama and these high taxing, big spending, no drilling liberals! [And the war in Iraq was economical, was it?]

In 2006, we lost three Senate races by just a few thousand votes. In each of those races, at the last minute, liberals flooded the airwaves with nasty, misleading attack ads. [LOVE the word "nasty."] Don't leave 2008 to chance.

We need to fight back. [Oh, I'm sure you will.]

You are the only thing that stands in the liberals' way.


Senator Orrin Hatch
Vice Chairman,
National Republican Senatorial Committee


It's that lovely old divisiveness, isn't it? I don't know if Barack Obama will be able to do what he says, but I sure hope that at the very least the tenor of American politics can change to a less nasty way of doing things. It's bad enough to proclaim Iraq the enemy. One thing I do know: I am not the enemy of my country.


qoe said...

Fear and smear is all the conservatives can do. It is laughable that Hatch's communique speaks of "Big Labor"-- bipartisan policies, such as NAFTA, started under Clinton, you understand (so the Democrats have had their hand in the cookie jar, also!), in the wake of Reaganomic policies and deregulation of financial institutions, have gutted the labor movement into nothing more than a top-down auxiliary lobby machine of the Democratic Party. Jobs that were traditionally rank-and-file union (remember the UAW flap in the news 6 mos. ago? Just the tip of the iceberg... Pensions are in jeopardy, I'm thinking...) have been off-shored by unregulated and untaxed Big Business (those busy-bee busters of Labor supported by the Republican agenda). The result of this push-me-pull-you, bipartisan maelstrom (which I realize is only crudely outlined here, and there are more factors involved in the overall picture) is that verily there ain't no labor movement. The unions are limping along, really unable to protect their members (who no longer even have a voice within their own unions!), but who knows for how much longer, if there are no jobs? Top labor "officials", like Andy Stern, are doing deals that will not benefit rank-and-file in the U.S., but will benefit Big Business overseas. How this is all going to impact, and for how long, our already weakened economy is anyone's guess. The interesting thing is that Hatch's email addresses an increasingly smaller "Big Business" constituency, does it not? This is an ever smaller group of people, albeit with mega-money to invest in the party agenda, but I think not the numbers of bodies it might take to grab the election. It will be interesting to see how this all plays out, come November. Will the tide turn or the worm turn?

LKT said...

I also find it amusing/ironic that McCain introduced Sarah Palin as a supporter of Labor.

qoe said...

Yes, what a riot, that! Why is it that I get the feeling that part of this urgent need for McCain and Palin to rush to the gulf coast region, rather than appear at convention, is to keep Palin from talking too much in public? I mean, if she says too much, the cat will be SO out of the bag that she is most everything the Hillary supporters are for. Do they think that Hillary supporters are going to be snowed? This is indicative of just how out-of-touch McCain truly is. And more evidence, to my mind, at any rate, that the Republican party is really trying to throw the election; I have never seen a more laughable ticket in my life as McCain/Palin.