Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Baseball fan, California style

Yes, that is canteloupe. Yes, he does have a beer in front of him, and a mitt on his left knee. I love California!
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qoe said...

I can understand that. My sports fix is the Olympic Games. Every two years, I park my carcass (summer or winter) in front of a video display terminal (of some species or other), because I cannot afford to attend in person. So, here I am, ALONE in my house (kids and husband GONE!!!!) watching video of what I missed last night (due to the need of sleep) with take-out sushi (by way of supper) and a tall Sapporo (suds to suck on).

And, for the record, I am merely not a "Go America!" gal. Yeah, it is nice when someone in the U.S. wins, but...

"GO, EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!"

I cry real tears for every great match and every heartbreak, no matter who wins or loses. It's all for the love of the sport, baby, whatever that sport may be.

[I used to be a fencer, myself... (not competition material, but I was pretty good, and had fun...) Had to watch THAT coverage on the internet!!! Not available on TV!!! And that is what I mean about doing a sport for the sheer love of it. Those champion girls (clean sweep by the US) will never endorse a single product, never receive a penny of contract money for their effort--because that is not considered a popular, "jock" sport, these days. ]