Thursday, March 29, 2007

Gunfight at the DC corral

I wish I could find the picture that's on the front page of the SF Chronicle today; it's not on their online version, drat them. It shows House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in a sand-colored suit, striding through the halls of Congress, flanked on both sides men in dark-colored suits, slightly behind her. She looks fabulous, in the way that power can look fabulous. I swear it looks like those publicity stills you see for old Westerns with the sheriff/Henry Fonda in the middle surrounded by other B-list gunslingers. Whether or not the photographer meant to convey that iconography, it certainly is reminiscent of a showdown.

Strangely, the picture the Chronicle does have online makes Speaker Pelosi look old, tired, and somewhat bored. There's a hand blocking her face and she looks small compared to the men surrounding her. Just goes to show what a picture can convey.

Now, the truth of the matter...well, that's another thing entirely.

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