Wednesday, March 21, 2007

A lack of sympathy

There's a great line in the movie "Laura" where Waldo Leydecker sarcastically says, "I would be distinctly sorry to see my neighbor's children eaten by wolves." That's about my level of sympathy in the case of the 12-year-old boy scout lost for four days in the North Carolina mountains.

Well, I do have some sympathy: for the leader of the boy scout troop. Would that be a troop leader's worst nightmare, or what? I did like this quote from the AP report: a scout named Griffin Prufer, who got on the Today show out of all of this, said "I noticed my dad going into the woods yelling and screaming [the missing scout's] name and blowing whistles and stuff."

Oh, I bet he was. I notice Griffin's dad isn't listed as going on the Today show. Probably still furious. The kid wasn't having a good time? So he was going to hitchhike home?

I'm not sure what to make of the lost-now-found scout's dad's comment: “We're going to have our lectures about hitchhiking again,” the father said. “We've had them in the past, but with a special vigor, we'll go over that again with Michael.” Ya think? And what do you mean, AGAIN? How often has this happened?

I have to say that when the kid's MO is that "The boy had asked his dad if he would give him $5 if he didn't have a good time," I'm thinking this is a kid I would not like. OK, so I didn't HAVE to say that, but I'm going to anyway. I'm glad he's not dead, but that's for the scoutmaster's sake. Even after his traumatic experience, the kid gets no sympathy from me.

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