Tuesday, March 6, 2007

The TeaBag's first cup

Because what I need is something else to distract me, I have started a blog, right around teatime on a Monday afternoon. Why? Because I'm just as opinionated as anybody and because I want to see what happens. I want to see what's rattling around in my own head and see what readers (if any) come this way and what they think as well.

Why "The TeaBag"? Because it takes me a little while to steep and get the flavor out of a thing. I don't respond instantly to input. Don't expect to see flash responses to most major news of the day. I'm a savoring kind of a person who likes to settle down and sip at something. I'm not trendy or fashionable or even fancy. No extra double shots with foam. Just a cup of tea. Though I do like to add a little sweetener.

And if this all sounds unbearably fey, I apologize. I hope it won't be. Although I like a good cup of herbal at the end of the day to calm me down, first thing in the morning I take my tea black with a full dose of boiling water. We'll see what happens. Thanks for sitting down with me for a bit.

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qoe said...

I respond to this from my perspective as a writer, as much as anything else. I don't brew, I stew. Your style seems much more fresh than mine; sometimes what I end up with is overdone, scorched or glutinous. But, I really think it takes great courage to post a diary for the multitudes to consume, should they so desire. I am such an inconstant diarist, that is why I write poetry, peculiar as that sounds. I am not completely 21st century, I suppose: blogging is not something I think I could actually DO, although I have a number of friends who blog, and I don't feel shy of commenting (a way to keep in touch that is fun!). Perhaps I am not sure anything that I think is of interest to anyone but me. I can feel completely free to ruin the stew and go back to the drawing board. To change the subject, slightly, if I was to identify myself as a particular tea, it would be Rooibos: if you brew it loose in a tea ball, you can rebrew the same bit at least 12 times without flagging the potency, and its best times of day are siesta when it is hot, or right around dusk, most other days.