Friday, October 15, 2010

Really good stuff that other people wrote, October 15

So many this week! So let's start with a picture.

This has been making the rounds, and rightly so. (I first saw it courtesy of Stephen Fry's Twitter feed, of all things, but it's been showing up a lot of places.) I think you can click for a larger image, but if not, go to the link above.

So when you get annoyed when people suspect you are from SOUTHERN California, imagine how an Ethiopian feels when people ask what it's like in South Africa.

My fave Ta-Nehisi Coates asks his readers, "What does it mean among white people to be considered racist?" He is astonished at what he learns from his commenters.

Peacebang posted this link with SHOCKING TRUTHS! about church growth. The ones that shocked me most: Church membership is unimportant; and debt freedom always leads to church decline. Wow! Very provocative.

Frequent commenter Elisabeth has started a blog called Songs of a Soul Journey. I particularly appreciated her entry on Silly Bandz, something I only learned about last week when one of the kids at church was sporting about 6 inches-worth of them on his wrist.

Finally, having consumed a good portion of a red velvet cake this week, I deeply appreciated the new comic/memoir The God of Cake at Hyperbole and a Half. You know you want some cake, don't you, little girl?

All right, but just one piece.


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songs of a soul journey said...

Thanks for the link to SHOCKING TRUTHS, and for the mention of SOASJ (!). And I would be interested in your reaction to the Silly Bandz phenomenon...