Thursday, April 16, 2009

Updates to the blog roll

OK! So I've made some changes to the lists over to the left, there, of blogs that I look at. I cleared out a couple that haven't made any changes for a while and added in some new ones. I also changed it from 'Episcopal' and 'Non-Episcopal' to (basically) 'Religious' and 'Not Religious.'

On the religious side, I've added (among others) Leave it Lay where Jesus flang it, which is a fantastic name and I would steal it if I could. But that would be a mite obvious even aside from the moral implications of stealing. Margaret, who writes it, is also big on saints which is one of the many things I like about her blog.

I also added Andrew Plus who wrote the Proper Liturgy for Opening Day. Episcopal priest and baseball fan! My kind of guy!

Also new to the religious list are Acts of Hope by fellow Oberlin grad Jane Redmont, The Ground is Lava, "Political analysis and syllogisms, with a dash of heretical Christianity," and The Lutheran Zephyr, my first foray into the world of the Lutheran blogosphere (also a baseball fan).

And now to the not-necessarily-religious blogs.

Dave Dickerson has moved from the ranks of the blogspot blog to the Big Name Author blog. Hence, Bourbon Cowboy is no more; welcome! And I'm looking forward to his memoir coming out.

A blog with another great blog name that I would steal is Get Your Adverbs Here by Stephy who also does Stuff Christian Culture Likes and who I am honored to have comment here from time to time. Hi, Stephy!

Check 'em out. And enjoy!

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