Thursday, April 23, 2009

Feast of St. George

He's not an official saint, which I think is a really rotten deal. I mean, just because you're fictional doesn't mean you can't be revered.

Not that he's totally fictional. Probably. ("notes about your extended family in heaven") writes of St. George, "Soldier. Martyr. That’s all we know for sure."

Maybe that's a healthy way to approach all of the saints--and each other, actually. How little we know for sure. Who knows what kind of dragons people are facing every day?


qoe said...

... of course, this does not address the fact that all (non-fictional) people are holy, whether or not they are self-aware to that, or act like it... which I think is the essential message of Jesus: no double standards--treat everyone with the same regard you would want for yourself; chances are, you'll get that back, but if not, turn that cheek... the ground you walk on is holy and everything that walks on it, therefore, having been created by God, is also...

Laura Toepfer said...

And all in God's image. Yes, indeed.

stephy said...

I love your comments, thanks for leaving them at my blog!
I'm about to have some pedestrian Trader Joe's tea, but it's tea nonetheless. :)
Thanks for the info on St. George. I like hearing about the saints. I listened to a David Dark podcast today and he said that saints are usually not accepted too well while they're alive and after their death is when people usually catch onto what they have done that was so progressive...interesting.