Thursday, April 16, 2009

On teabags and innocence

I have a lot of sympathy for the organizers of yesterday's tax protests, the "teabagging parties" -- not for the protests themselves, but for finding they were being snickered at by a great deal of the population and not knowing why. I am still embarrassed that the address for this blog contains the word "teabag," but I claim complete innocence in choosing that name. How was I supposed to know that it had an entirely different connotation?

And yet everyone seemed to know. I lead a very innocent life, what can I say? I know more about the word teabag now than I really want to.

Oh, that language. It's not under control. Who knows what next lovely or simple word will be changed without warning?

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stephy said...

Once my coworker said "Barb gave Sharon a teabag" and she couldn't understand why I laughed so hard at that, and she was not the type of person I could explain it to.