Monday, April 6, 2009

Palm Sunday palms

Over the past 24 hours, I've been wondering why we're so stingy with the Palm Sunday palms. I was one of the palm distributors yesterday and noticed, first of all, that the palms had been shredded to an almost string-like consistency, and second, that even when I suggested people take as many palms as they wanted (since we had a ton of strings), they would generally say, "No, no," and help themselves to a single pitiful frond. During the procession, people waved these little wisps in the air. Woo-hoo! That certainly illustrates the spirit of a triumphal entry into Jerusalem.

What is that about, people? I found it very odd.


stephy said...

We had little tiny strips of palms yesterday, too! Maybe they're hard to come by?

Bonhoeffer said...

When you order the palms from the religious supply store, they arrive pre-stripped and bagged. It maximizes the profit per palm, which seems not to be in the spirit of things.

qoe said...

Perhaps construction paper palms next year?

... just joking..