Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Happy Fish Day!

To celebrate the 1st of April, I visited the Archie McPhee website ("Eating brains and taking names for 25 years"). Every year (as I recall) they make a point of celebrating April Fool's Day in a big way.

Two things worthy of note: first of all, they have a blog! The last entry is about the "vaguely threatening voice mail" they received related to their Last Supper After Dinner Mints.

Secondly, and this does not relate to my parents who are well aware of what a blog is, they have a new product, the Social Networking Explanation Service.

Have you given up trying to get your parents to understand your blog, let alone Twitter and Facebook? We're here to help. Hire us, and we'll have a patient ten year old call your parents and explain the intricacies of social networking and micro-blogging to them. Our 10 year olds are selected not only for their knowledge and expertise, but also for their ability to present the information like the kind of polite young ladies and gentlemen that appeal to parents. Plus, they call home every once in a while, which is more than we can say for you. For an extra $100 we can have our operators convince your parents that they shouldn't use any of these services or their identity will be stolen by a cyber-stalker just like they showed on that one 60 Minutes episode. We highly recommend you pay the extra fee. No one wants their parents on Facebook. No one.
I'm sure they're serious.


qoe said...

Archie McPhee is the greatest!

Jan Toepfer said...

i am still amazed you friended me. mom