Thursday, December 22, 2011

There's never too much inflatable Christmas decor

We live across the street from someone who I think has every inflatable Christmas decoration known to humankind. Each year he sets them all out on his small front yard and porch. And if you're going to use inflatable (and often animatronic) Christmas decorations, I think "tastelessly and outrageously" is the way to do it.

Here's the full picture:
But let's take a little closer look, shall we?
Note the green item to the right of the picture. That would be a trailer. That Santa lives in. And you know this because the door opens and Santa pops out. (You can see him in the door in the first pic.) 

But what is Santa doing here?
There, behind the bushes! Leaving aside the "Snow Angel Station" with Santa spread eagled on what looks like an air mattress, what exactly is Santa up to? Let's go to video, shall we?

Oh, Santa! You may call it a "Rocking Horse." I'm not so sure.

Merry Christmas, everyone!


it's margaret said...

Merry Christmas L!

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jdinflatables said...

I just love inflatables.!
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Bigger Than Life Advertising Inc said...

I find it highly unlikely that they're intent was such. I've seen that exact same inflatable ship slide in Minnesota. If it is, it's insensitive and jerk-like. But I find it much more likely that somebody took a generic boat design, turned it diagonally and made money off it being an inflatable slide design.

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