Saturday, December 3, 2011

Garden Update, December 3

It's December, which means, of course, that the roses are blooming.
Oh, all right, it's the last little few, but they're still amazingly beautiful and fragrant.

You know what else has finally decided to put on a show?
Yes, indeed. It's a holly hock that decided to sneak out of the side bed and plop itself right in front of the house.

I'm letting it be for the moment, but I was completely ruthless with the hydrangea this year. I either killed it or I'm going to be able to see out my office window next year (I suppose that would be true if I killed it, too). But I pruned those suckers to within an inch of their lives, or at least the last possible green shoot. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Oh the brutality!

And finally, over in the raised beds, I'm hoping to get some cauliflower one of these days. And I'm hoping Harper doesn't dig them all out before I get them.
They're mighty slow growers. But then so am I.

Hope you're staying warm wherever you are. Seasons greetings.

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it's margaret said...

I think the hydrangeas will be fine --you might not get many blooms (they bloom on second year growth), but they'll be fine.