Monday, July 13, 2009

I didn't see Walt Disney, but I did see Vincente Minelli

Yesterday was my day off and so I did what anyone would do when in Anaheim: I went to Forest Lawn Memorial Gardens in Glendale to visit Walt Disney's grave.

When I pulled up to the gate, I asked for directions to where he's buried and was told that, to respect the families' privacy, no personal information is given out. Which makes sense to me, but was so different from Pere Lachaise where the maps point out where the notables live. I mean reside.

But I had a lovely time wandering around this absolutely beautiful cemetery, so tasteful, so serene. Again, unlike Pere Lachaise, the markers were almost all exactly alike. My favorite was perhaps the man who "received each recognition and honor with modesty," and then the plaque went on to list each and every one of those modest honors.

Then there's this one:

Mostly I was struck by the image of death as a great leveler. And how in almost every case, each plaque was inscribed, "Loving wife and mother," or something of that nature. The man with his modestly-accepted awards notwithstanding, it was the relationships that mattered most in the end. It was a very restorative day in the land of the dead.

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Lorin said...

Poor Factory. He never forgave the Reject family for naming him that.