Monday, July 6, 2009

Very briefly from Anaheim

Whew! I drove down yesterday and got in just at the stroke of 11 pm. Today I've been setting up the booth and I'm not nearly done. I spent most of the rest of today running around Anaheim, stopping first at Office Max, then CostCo, then Michael's.

I saw It's Margaret who is volunteering here and blogging about her adventures here.

So many impressions! Being here makes the Episcopal Church seem so small, I have to say. We (vendors) don't fill one half of the exhibit hall. And this is in conjunction with the Episcopal Church Women's convention and the Church Periodical Society(?) meeting. I've met folks from both of those groups today, all of them Quite Clear about the fact that they are NOT here for the church's General Convention. I'm kind of embarrassed for us.

Here is my booth. It's not done yet, as I said. I'm across one aisle from WomenSpirit liturgical garb (I'll be spending money there, I suspect) and next to a couple that does travel to various religious sites throughout the world. Directly across from me are the Episcopal Seminaries who were only beginning to set up as I left to get other things done.

I was just wondering what that noise was, but obviously it's the fireworks at Disneyland, just a block away. Otherwise, my room here is very peaceful. I'm going to be grateful for it, I can already tell.

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