Friday, February 1, 2013

Various & Sundry: Technical difficulties, ending in hope and sloth

We've had a rash of technical difficulties here at Infusion HQ. First, my laptop had a corrupt hard drive that needed replacing; then the wifi vanished. I just got off a lovely chat with Rodilyn at Comcast who helped get the internet connection working again. Thank you, Rodilyn! Oh, and Computer 1 in Benicia is top notch. Love those guys.

OK! So here's some stuff that's been lying around the joint while I've been doing other things, like getting the computer up and running.

Let's hear it for The Onion! More specifically for the AV Club, which asks in all seriousness Is Mister Rogers' Neighborhood the greatest television show ever made? The writer make a strong case that yes, yes it is.

Ta-Nehisi Coates has been reading and blogging about a book called Sweet Land of Liberty, exploring civil rights struggles in the North. This post in particular, about the role of housing discrimination in denying blacks economic mobility was an eye-opener. The implications and ramifications through the present day are stunning when you think about them.

Please note, this book is not the children's book Sweet Land of Liberty by Callista Gingrich.

Tom Murphy, an international aid blogger I respect a lot, wrote a post this week about the recent trend in aid organizations to emphasize the good news instead of using tales of tragedy and woe in fundraising efforts. He asks, "is a focus on good news any less likely to distort the picture than a focus on bad news?"

 I loved this story showing This is what happens when you leave the Westboro Baptist Church. Taken from Libby Phelps' Facebook Page, it's a profound reminder that people can change, and the best way to do it is to love them into it. 

Finally, what's a Friday night without a good sloth photo or two?

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Let the congregation saw Awwwww...

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