Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Kleenex (r) Cool Touch (TM) tissues

The Kleenex (r) brand Cool Touch (tm) facial tissue,   "enriched with moisturizers and aloe" that "immediately feel cool to the skin." They provide "a rush of comfort when noses are sore or gentle refreshment anytime." (Yeah, I want to know when noses are gentle refreshment, too.)

Let me tell you: I am amazed at the variety of Kleeneces available for your purchase. I bought a medley of Kleenex, including anti-viral, ultra-soft, with aloe, with moisturizers, and now this one. And I've got to tell you, this one...I don't know if it's the best, but it sure is odd.

It really does feel cool to the touch when you first use it. I suspect that is a property of the stearyl alcohol that somehow is in the tissue (along with polyethylene). Other than that, I'm not sure what they bring to the party. In my extensive comparison testing, I can't say they're any better than any other Kleenex.

It's not that they're bad. It's just that there's something peculiar about them. You've got to wonder about a Kleenex that warns, "Best if used in conditions below 75 degrees." Additionally, I have to keep dumping my wastebasket into the kitchen trash because I can't imagine these ingredients are good for Harper, who likes to pilfer the used Kleenex and shred them. I find myself concerned about the environmental impact of my Kleenex. They're not the greenest item to begin with, but when you start adding all this stuff to the paper, what does that do? Anybody know?

Good Housekeeping had a brief review of this product earlier this year. For a better sense, though, check out what people have to say on Amazon. They describe the sensation well. In the meantime, I'm going to go hack some more.


piman said...

I hate hacking. Did it last week. Get well.

LKT said...

Thag you.